Theory on AML and The Boy

Theory on AML and The Boy
‘Awaken, My Love!’ – Leak Discussion. BOBaka14• 3m I have a theory for where this is in the story arch (sorry for poor formatting I’m on mobile at midnight)Awaken, My Love is a prequel to the story of They BoyThe album starts off with Me and Your Mama, which is the Boys father summarizing his and the Boys mothers relationship, started well and then went to shitThe 60s funk vibe to Have Some Love is showing the time the father was in, having fun just living life, which is why it’s such a positive songThe Boogieman, I think, is love, which is why everyone is so fearful of “him”, he met the mother and fears loving herZombies, I’m not sure, feels like the same thing as boogieman but I could be wrong, the lovers Father sees are zombiesRiot is the Father not being okay with what’s going on around him, he sees the relationship going to shit and is angered by itRedbone the Father can see the relationship is basically over, it too late to fix anythingCalifornia, the Father doesn’t want to leave, Mother does, she wants to be with her friends but Father wants to stay where they are so…The Father is Terrified, he’s worried about the future and what’s going to happen if she leaves and he doesn’t goBaby boy, the Father is pleading for the mother to leave the Boy with him, he needs the Boy, there’s 2 different pitches in this song I thinks the Mither and Father arguing, in the end the Father keeps the Boy the monologue at the end is the Father leaving the Mother and taking the BoyThe Night Me And Your Mama Met, not much to go off of, I haven’t heard the lyric version but I feel like it’s stories the Father is telling the BoyFinally, Stand Tall, this is the Boy remembering his father, afyer his fathers death, this is evidenced in Gambino suddenly talking and singing in a more natural voice, less auto tuned and less pitchy, he’s quoting his father not being him now, “Stand Tall son” where has last words before he died, eveidenced by the somewhat abrupt ending of the song, and therefore the album.Again this is all theory and if it seems like total BS to you is love to hear what you think about it!
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by BOBaka14

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