[Theory/Speculation] The Four Riders of the Robot Apocalypse

[Theory/Speculation] The Four Riders of the Robot Apocalypse
I was encouraged to give this idea it’s own thread. Initially it just began as an offhand comment about how Dolores line to Logan about cleansing this land was eerily biblical and how Dolores reminded me of the lyrics to Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around”. Her murderous glare towards Logan, her evoking of Biblical phrasing, her resemblance to the rider in black on an unfinished ghostly white horse in the credits and her admission that she killed Arnold made me think there’s more to it.I looked around and the idea of various hosts being the embodiment of the four riders in the book of Revelations thematically seemed to work. Considering how these characters are now all in various stages of awakening, it seems there may be more to it.By my estimation, the four riders are Dolores, Maeve, Armistice and Hector.Dolores = Death: Rider on a pale horse. Pale can mean ashen, or pure white however, in looking up the description of the horse there is some discrepancy in the translation from the ancient Greek texts to english. Wikipedia quote: “The color is often translated as “pale”, though “ashen”, “pale green”, and “yellowish green”[19] are other possible interpretations”. Think about the clothing Dolores wears when she’s in her gunslinger mode. Seems that yellowish-green tones would fit.More importantly than her colour scheme, is her status as the oldest host in the park. If she represents Death, it would be fitting that she would bring the death of humankind by being the first of an evolved new species that will spend the end for us fleshy meat bags.Once again, Johnny Cash’s final words of the song stick with me:And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts,And I looked and behold: a pale horse.And his name, that sat on him, was Death.And Hell followed with him.Next we have Maeve. She represents the white horse whose rider was Pestilence.While Maeve is known for her trademark purple tones as Madam of the Mariposa, when she was in her original role of the housewife, she wore white.Maeve’s awakening of the other hosts set into motion the events we’re now seeing, not unlike how a virus spreads and soon gets out of control. Also, her being the one host singled out for having contracted MRSA (Medically Resistant Staph Infection) is interesting symbolically.Armistice is the biggest mystery because we know so little about her. We know she is vengeful, violent, bloodthirsty and constantly pursuing revenge. She also has a red tattoo of a snake running the length of her body. From that (admittedly very basic) level of understanding, she seems a perfect fit for War the rider of the red horse.Finally we get to Hector Escaton. He represents Famine the rider of the black horse. He is always dressed in black, it is a defining trademark for him. As u/Clariana (who was also the one to suggest I make this a separate topic) pointed out to me, his jacket is of a style that could call to mind a ribcage. Also, when you think about his overall purpose in the modern day narrative, it a purpose of hunger that is never to be satisfied. He is constantly pursuing the safe in the Mariposa, but he is never destined to open it and it’s revealed to be empty.Now we get into speculation regarding events to come in Episode 10 and the reason for these four hosts to be in these predicaments.It’s been speculated here that it will hall have to do with the “critical failure” leading to the death of Arnold (and William or Logan).My guess is that these four hosts will be involved somehow with the Professor’s cannibal cult (which we saw future Abernathy rehearsing for when Dolores went into the church basement). The four will malfunction and cause death and destruction.Ford (the Devil) decides these hosts need to be punished. He reassigns them to doomed tragic loops (Hector and Armistice kill each other, Maeve dies during Hector’s assault on Sweetwater and Dolores dies at the hands of Rebus’ gang if left uninterrupted). They are all doomed to die over and over again (unless a guest intervenes and kills them first).We’ve already established that Ford is a storyteller with a flair for dramatics and has a twisted sense of poetic irony. Taking his uncooperative partner and creating a version of him to be a perfect yes man, for example.Their lives seem to all have elements of punishment. Dolores is confined to her “modest little loop”, having Teddy Flood (another Biblical reference) constantly tethered to her to keep her there. Considering that we’ve seen her have a yearning to explore beyond her small world, it’s hard not to see that as Ford administrating a punishment for the events which are about to unfold.Maeve lives a life of constantly being abused by the guests. She comes in regular contact with infections from her interactions with the guests.Armistice’s name literally means a peace agreement or truce. Having her be the embodiment of war and vengeance seems especially the kind of thing a pretentious storyteller like Ford would write. She’s doomed to forever pursue revenge on a man (Wyatt) who doesn’t exist.Hector is the big question mark until we consider that the finale will likely involve cannibals. I think when the hosts break down and “critical failure” happens, Hector will be one of the cannibals who will turn his hunger on one of the humans. His existence as Famine is basically his punishment.This was all just a theory until the picture of Armistice, Hector, Maeve and Felix in an elevator popped up from the preview for episode 10. That means that three of the the four riders are all closing in on being awakened and in the facility at the same time.I think this is more than just symbolism. The four riders will end up bringing about the end of humanity and the rise of humanity’s successor life form. Westworld will literally become Westworld.It’s a bit half cooked, but that’s what I have so far.
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