This is me

This is me
I am 25 year old male,I don’t have nothing much to offer but Rock n Roll. I wanted to have a band,but “No one I think is in my tree,I mean it must be high or low”,so I just have a guitar and these songs that I write.I work ,but it’s obvious to me that I want to earn my living doing the thing which I enjoy .My work requires me to stay updated and keep learning,my colleagues ,they learn new things,hang out ,form networks,whatever but I am really not into it,I don’t want to be the company’s best employee ,I do this to pay the bills.Rock N Roll has my attention,I have never been into anything else,travel,books,socializing,nothing,I watch a good series or a movie from time to time . I don’t have friends,I am a vegan,celibate,non alcoholic,most people in my work place go out for drinks and bond,have party but as I said,I have no need to be there ,I find it boring.I find people not that interesting,or I find them fake. Rock N Roll is the only thing that means something to me ,nobody knows it,I don’t like to show off ,not in that way atleast,my parents don’t know about it either,nobody knows,they know I have a guitar,that’s it.I like to keep it that way,I record some songs but do not post it on social media for people to see,I know they won’t get it,my recordings are unpolished ,but my songs are great,I have no formal music education,and I don’t intend to have it .I like what I have. So I send my tapes to labels,these unpolished raw recordings , so far nothing. There was one local compilation album ,my song didn’t made it.I checked the ones that did,it’s more of a “friend circle who likes to drink and pretend they are rockstars “than a scene.I don’t find the songs that made the mixtape impressive,and I am impartial. Their content was boring and repetitive,there was nothing new. I don’t have friends,I have some people I know but don’t feel like sharing what I have in my mind with them.Plus I am not that close to anybody (I mean ,I told you I ‘ve got Rock and Roll)I stay in a shared apartment ,recording is not possible here. So I decided to go for a laid back government job,where I can afford a home on loan without worrying about job security,but then again I don’t like the government’s policies ,joining them will be a compromise,I find their laws unfair in some cases.Not to mention passing the exam will require me to study HARD and my time ,taking money from parents is not an option in any case,I’ll loose my independence,not to mention I have left the house. The other option is to compromise my values and be friendly with a bunch of people who control the scene here ,who don’t know what Rock N Roll is ,anybody comes with a band ,play some solos and they think that’s rock n roll,all I see are rich kids pretending to be cool ,kids who don’t know what it’s like to have a day job,travel in public transport,who can easily take a year off or a couple of years off and then join their dad’s business. But I don’t see any other way,either a laid back Government Job, teacher or something ,which will give me enough time to record my demos and work on songs,OR get involved in the local scene,which disgusts me. See the thing with a guy like me is ,Rock N Roll felt great ,irrespective of the lyrics,but then you hear song like “Iron Man ” by Black Sabbath and lines like “Nobody wants him,he just stares at the world” and it’s the only thing that ever made any sense in this world full of sheep. If I go and start pretending to be social just to get some gigs,I’d become “them”,not that I can’t do it,I can give them a good time but what’s the point if they like me for my behavior and not my tracks. Some of you who will suggest me Youtube or other platforms,I am not going to ask people to like or subscribe to my channel,I am not that kind of guy,if I were I would already have had a presence somewhere.I do have some demos uploaded but I only use it to send links or apply to college fests. I refuse to beg ,or compromise so people could listen to my songs, I play the purest Rock N Roll anybody has ever played since the 90’s or 70’s or 60’s or whichever decade is your favorite. If that’s not good enough for people who call themselves fans then they are not good enough for me. One more thing,I gave recording my demos in a studio,but I am pretty sure the record producer who have mostly dealt with metal bands or something won’t treat my tracks they way I want them to be treated and enforce his tastes over mine,becuase,he doesn’t listen to the same artists I do,and because I have checked out their work and I don’t like how they recorded them.I could be wrong here but giving them chance is a waste of time. Besides I only have vocals hand guitars and no effects,so if I can get the volume levels right ,press record on the recorder and sing my songs right ,that is enough really,I am really into home demos of artists and I find them cool,and more honest.I like Studio versions too ,if I had Steve Albini I wouldn’t mind recording mine in a studio. I don’t need advice ,suggestion or sympathy from anybody. This is me.
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