This one is hard. I don’t even remember the song lyrics. HELP!?

This one is hard. I don’t even remember the song lyrics. HELP!?
So, about a month ago I was on Youtube watching some random videos about outfit ideas, and clothes shopping hauls. Anyway, there was a song on one of the videos which I really liked, but I now cannot for the life of me remember that song or the name of the artist, let alone the Youtube video. It is driving me INSANE!! not knowing what it was. This is all the information I have:It was a female artist.She sounded no older than 30.A white woman.The song sounded less than 2 years old. Possibly a 2015 song.She is a relatively new artist.The youtube fan-made lyrics video I later saw on Youtube had from what I remember over a million of views, and that’s good for a lyric video, because this shows the song had millions of hits on the official video, and shows this artist is widely known.I remember reading that the artist was on some tv talent contest.She was European , I think.She was NOT British, German, French, Greek, Italian, but I think she (not 100% sure) may have been from Sweden, Finland, Norway, or maybe even Switzerland.Her name was not something that sounded foreign. I could be wrong, but I think it stated with an ‘S’. It was a very English sounding first name, and a very common one.It was a meaningful song with some meaningful lyrics, which I think were about love and loss.The type of music was sorta like pop but not so much over processed like a lot of mainstream artists, the words were quite raw, and it was not upbeat or something to dance to. I am not sure which category to put it in, but if you have listened to songs like Sia- Breath me. It was very much in that sort of style, and mixed with some Jessie Ware – Say you love me.I know this is a long shot, but if anyone can please help me find the artist and song, I will be eternally grateful and to you. Thank you.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
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