S.J. Res 70: Joint Resolution in Honor of American Culinary Traditions

S.J. Res 70: Joint Resolution in Honor of American Culinary Traditions
S.J. Res 70: Joint Resolution In Honor Of American Culinary TraditionsAffirming the deliciousness of pumpkin pie and its continued importance in American history, life, and culture.Whereas the pumpkin and other similar gourds are distinct and native to North America, unlike many other types of food which come from outside the territory of the United States;Whereas pumpkin pie in particular is an American tradition, and any attempts by the British Colonialists to claim the invention of this tradition fail when faced with the evidence that the pumpkin is a purely north american squash;Whereas pumpkin pies are enjoyed in American households across the county, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas, regardless of the religion, partisanship, race, or class;Whereas the world’s largest pumpkin pie in history was made in New Bremen, Ohio, once again proving that this dessert is of importance to the average American;Whereas pumpkin pie’s importance is shown in our art and music, as the hit song “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee includes the lyric “Later we’ll have some pumpkin pie”, affirming this;Whereas pumpkin pie is one of the best-tasting pies, and when people send their other pies they’re not sending their best; andWhereas it is the duty of the Congress to preserve and protect American traditions, especially those that taste delicious:Now, therefore,Be it resolved, that the Senate and the House of Representatives-(1) affirms that pumpkin pie is one of the best pies to exist and is of unique importance to American culture;(2) condemns those who attempt to demonize pumpkin pie as a symbol of American culture; and(3) calls on the President and all relevant members of his Cabinet to affirm the importance of pumpkin pie in the federal workplace, and to make proclamations to the general public on its historical and modern place in American life.This Joint Resolution is sponsored by /u/partiallykritikal (D), joined by cosponsors /u/daytonanerd (RLP), /u/PhlebotinumEddie (D), & /u/Viktard (Lib).
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