Survivor – Screaming Life/Fopp – Round 7

Survivor – Screaming Life/Fopp – Round 7
StrawpollIt’s the first of December! It makes me wanna sit by a fireplace in a dark room, sip some wine in a red and black robe, and listen to the cheery holiday groove of “Kristi.”Little Joe has officially run for the border! In addition, we’ve lost Green River’s most popular song but featuring a burp, a song that Cornell probably will never sing again, a song that according to most google searches nobody knows the entire lyrics for, a song about…the existence of other songs, and Steve Fisk’s least inventive remix ever.Anyway, without further ado, ROUND SEVEN of the combined EPs of Screaming Life/Fopp. We’re using the reissued tracklist, so there’s one extra track.Remember, you’re voting for your least favorite song.Please make sure you’ve heard all of the songs before voting.Songs Screaming Life:Hunted DownEnteringNothing To SayHand Of GodFoppSongs Hunted Down (in order they were Hunted):1.Fopp (Fucked Up Heavy Dub Mix)2.Sup Pop Rock City3.Kingdom Of Come4.Tears To Forget5.Swallow My Pride6.Little JoeAlso, take this opportunity to discuss the albums as a whole. What do you think of the track sequence? Would one track be much more appreciated had it been placed differently in sequencing? Fondness/lack of fondness for production? What do you think of the album art?LAST REMINDER: Vote for the song you want voted OFF!
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by LordApocalyptica

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