The Weirdest Thing I Was Caught Doing. Awkward…

The Weirdest Thing I Was Caught Doing. Awkward…
When I was 15, I discovered metal. I loved listening to it, and would typically drum on whatever was around me.I was making some Pizza Rolls one day, and had Dimmu Borgir playing through my headphones. I got so lost in the music, grabbed two wooden spoons, and started drumming furiously on the counter while screaming the lyrics to the song.I was super tall for my age back then [6’8″] so I started drumming on the ceiling too.It wasn’t until my mom ran in the kitchen looking panicked as all hell, and yelled at me, asking what the hell was my problem.My dad, sister, brother, and dog were all standing right outside the kitchen staring at me like I was insane, thinking I was being possessed by some kind of demon, as I was beating the house with spoons and screaming Satanic lyrics at the top of my lungs.Guess I got a bit carried away. Hey, that’s what metal does to you.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by Vurrikane

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